Q: How do I change the language of TXFED.org?

A:  You can change the default language of your TXFED account by navigating to “My Account” > “Profile”; under “Edit Profile” scroll to “Site Language” and select your preferred language.

Q: How do I turn on closed captions or subtitles? 

A: All of our courses include options for English closed captions and Spanish subtitles. When watching a course video, hover your cursor over the screen so the bottom menu bar appears. Select the “CC” button and choose your language.

Q: I started my first course, how do I go back and finish it? 

A: Congratulations on starting a TXFED course! To jump back in, navigate to “My Dashboard” in the main menu board. From there, select your desired course card to return to the course you started. If you cannot find the course you are looking for, try typing the course name in the search bar on the upper right hand side of your dashboard. 

Q: How do I download course activities? 

A: You will find downloadable course activities at the end of each course lesson available in both Word Doc. and PDF formats. Simply click the download of each activity to access these resources. You may access these resources for courses you're enrolled in at any time by clicking on the activity title under each lesson on the left hand side menu of each course. 

TIP! When clicking on links in a PDF., to have them open in a new tab, click Ctrl key (for Windows) or the Command key (for Mac) while clicking the hyperlink.

Q: How do I find my course certificate? 

A: When you complete a TXFED course, you will receive a certificate to celebrate and verify your accomplishment. To find the certificate, navigate to “My Account” then on the left hand side menu bar, click “Certificates” select “View” next to each certificate that you’ve earned.

PS. You can upload your certificates to LinkedIn and other social media platforms to celebrate your accomplishment and new knowledge! 

Q: How do I donate to support TXFED.org? 

A: You may make a donation of any amount through the Texas Center for Local Food website here. We thank you for your generosity in supporting a vibrant local food system and our education! 

Q: I want to create TXFED content, how do I get involved?

A: TXFED is a constantly evolving platform, if you have ideas for collaboration or content that you want to see on this site, reach out to us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!